Having a baby is a special time and a big deal.

So let us help you prepare for your baby's birth

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Come and meet Debbie & Emma in this relaxed free, online taster class, where they cover choices for place of birth, why consider a waterbirth, reasons to contact the hospital and your baby's brain as well as a chance to meet other expectant parents and ask questions that matter to you.

Be Prepared

For wherever

Your birth

takes you

Our Full Antenatal Courses

Our traditional antenatal classes allow you to get to know Debbie & Emma as well as the other couples with due dates around the same time as you. By restricting classes to a maximum of 8 it allows you to ask the questions that matter to you to help you feel prepared for the birth of your baby.

3 week course

Join us one evening a week 7.30pm - 9.30pm for 3 weeks to cover all you need to know to prepare you for all birth scenarios. We help you to marvel at the wonders of the human body and how it grows and births a baby, but we also recognise when medical interventions are needed and will go over the different paths your labour can take dependent on your circumstances so you are prepared for anything. As well as all you need to know for the first few days with your newborn.



One Stop Day

Some expectant parents would rather get all your information in one day, our one stop day is made up of two 3 hour sessions on zoom. Conveniently on the same weekend day to give you all the same great info with a group of like  minded expectant parents but in one day. 



One to One

Being with others online or face to face doesn't feel comfortable for everyone so we have developed a one to one class where we go over the same information, However being one to one we can really go over the specifics of your journey and what you will be expecting and hoping.




Full classes are not for everyone. Maybe it is not your first baby, or maybe you have chosen to do a selection of different classes to meet your needs. Whatever way you have chosen to get your boxes ticked we are so pleased you are looking at our midwife led range

Pick 'n' Mix Modules


Labour & Birth

Mechanics of Labour & Birth - 1 hour

Take a look at how the body works in labour and how you can help it. We also look at how you can help baby into a good position for labour by adapting good posture and the signs of early labour and when to go into hospital.


Assisted Birth & C-Sections

Anther way to birth - 1 hour

During this module we talk about alternative ways to birth your baby because sometimes things do not always go to plan. It is good to cover all options for birth, what they involve and the choices that you have if an assisted birth  or Caesarean section are suggested.


Coping Strategies

Coping Strategies in Labour - 1.5 hours

For this module we are joined by anaesthetist Laura who helps us cover early labour at home and how your birthing partner can help,  and coping strategies including pain relief options once you are in active labour.


Feeding Baby

Breast & Bottle Feeding - 1 hour

This module covers the basics around breastfeeding and how to get it off to a good start from birth as well as expressing and bottle feeding so no matter how you choose to feed your baby you have all the information.


Vaginal Birth After C-Section

VBAC - 1 hour

This module is aimed at women who have had a previous birth by caesarean section and want to understand their options for the next birth.


Caring For Your Baby

Nappies, Safer sleeping and more - 1 hour

We discuss the first few days with baby. We talk about your recovery, safe sleeping, holding, winding and nappy changing so you feel more confident once baby arrives.


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