Pregnancy Information Seminars

These one off 3 hour sessions will inform and empower you around topics from water birth to planned caesarean section.
Sessions facilitated by Midwives in local venues in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. 

From water birth to planned caesarean

Sessions include:

- Water birth

- Active birth to include breathing and relaxation

- Induction of Labour

- Planned Caesarean section

Water Birth

Are you planning to use water for labour or birth? This session includes how to prepare your body for birth, the powerful effects of water as an analgesia and its benefits and considerations in a home and hospital environment. 

Active Birth 

 What is meant by active birth? This session includes discussions around what your body is trying to achieve with contractions. How you can help your body to labour effectively. Discussions around advantages of home birth and how to recognise active labour.  When is the best time to call the midwife and how your birthing partner can support you.

Induction of Labour

This session aims to inform and empower, discussing areas around what is induction, when is it recommended and what are your choices. It will cover the process of induction and discuss how you can make informed choices about your care.

Planned Caesarean Section

Are you having a planned caesarean section and want to know more about the process including what will happen on the day. During this session we will discuss preparing for the big day, techniques for staying calm, care immediately after and your postnatal recovery.

Each Session costs

£25 per person or £40 per couple

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