PBB Postnatal Pod


In this four week course you will meet Emma, our postnatal Midwife who is happy for you to chat and ask questions or just sit and listen, which ever you feel more comfortable doing.

During the four sessions you will:

  • meet other parents,

  • enjoy that social interaction and support

  • be able to share your ups,

  • get support with your downs

  • and everything in between.

Along with help, tips and advice on

  • baby care, feeding,

  • making parenting fun

  • postnatal recovery

  • and a chance to share your birth stories.


6 hours of support

and expert advice.

Over 4 weeks.

with an added option for a family walk and talk

Week ONE, Meet the Mums 

Emma runs an introduction to the course. Get to know the other mums and your little ones. Chat about your journey so far, what you have enjoyed and what you have found hard, what you have found useful and get tips and advice from others.


Week TWO, Play For Parenting:

We invite Clare from Oliiki to come and talk to you about how fun parenting can be, and how every day play can lead to wonderful learning for you and baby together.

Week THREE, Birth Stories: 

ALL birth stories are valid. No matter how you had your baby from a home birth, in a pool, a planned or emergency Caesarean section or anything in between it is the start of your parenting journey and it can impact positively or negatively on that journey.

We invite Julia from Birth Trauma Resolution Herts to listen to your birth story, if you are happy to share and talk about how your journey started.

Week FOUR, Postnatal Recovery: 

Pregnancy and birth makes changes in your body that sometimes you do not even realise until someone points them out to you. These changes can sometimes make it difficult to recover in the way you want to, they can also impact on your parenting experience. So come along to week four and speak to our expert Alex who runs The Penn Clinic in Hatfield to hear about what's normal and can be dealt with at home and what's not so normal and may mean you need to seek further specialist help for.

PBB Postnatal EXTRAS

First Aid Course for parents with under ones 

PBB Events have teamed up with Terry from Whylee Medical Training to provide you a relaxed stress free online training session to go over what you need to know to feel confident if you were ever to need to administer first aid in an emergency for your baby.

During this one and a half hour session they will cover what to do in an emergency if your child choked, needed resuscitation or suffered a burn as well as other helpful hints and tips to keep your little ones safe.


Dads Only Group

PBB Events have teamed up with Gordon from MANtenatal, father of four and dads antenatal class teacher Gordon leads this group for Dads to be able to talk freely about what becoming a father has meant for them.

This class will help you celebrate your successes in bringing a small person into the world and ways you can help your partner and yourself recovery, as well as support you on anything you may be struggling with - no judgement here!

Talk to other dads, get tips, advice, support and make the transition to fatherhood more enjoyable.

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