Professional Study Days

Being practicing midwives we appreciate how precious time off is and that for some professionals budgets are tight.
We pride ourselves on organising study days or sessions that are affordable, informative and relevant to you.
At our face to face sessions we look after our delegates with refreshments and on full days we provide lunch.
We love the fact that our study days are attended by Midwives, Doula's, antenatal teachers, student midwives, physio's in fact any professionals that have contact with pregnant women, labouring women, new mum's and baby's. This adds to the days with brilliant discussions and question times. 


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Wednesday 16th June 2021

Onlne via Zoom
7pm - 9.30pm

Our third study evening in our vulnerable women series focuses on sustance misuse in pregnancy.

Substance misuse in pregnancy is something that can be cleverly hidden or openly disclosed. Either way it can have serious implications for both mum and baby.

What are the effects of drugs and alcohol on the pregnancy and then the neonate?


How does it effect the baby's brain development in the first 1000 days?

How would we recognise a woman who is misusing ? What do we do if we have suspicions?  It will be an interesting evening for sure.


On this evening we warmly welcome our speakers;


Sam Walsh: Specialist Safeguarding Midwife West Herts NHS Trust . Sam will be sharing her experiences and looking at how substance misuse can effect mum and baby.


Clare Stead Founder of the Oliiki App - How does substance misuse effect the first 1000 days of brain development in the child. 


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If you can not attend on the night we have an option to receive access to a recording of the evening. Please message us for more info. or go to out contact us page

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Thursday 15th July

Online via zoom
7.30pm - 9pm

Emma is the founder of PBB events and a midwife working on labour ward and is a peanut ball ambassador with Premier birth tools.

We want to help every hospital make peanut balls available for the women in their care, making sure their staff know how to best use them to help decrease the rate of caesarean section.

During this session Emma will be explaining:

  • what is a peanut ball,

  • how it can help in labour to decrease the length of labour,

  • how it can help with positioning to make women more comfortable in labour

  • how it can help baby's journey through the pelvis

  • Why it is important to use the right size peanut ball for your client

  • and some of the many positions you can use and why they are useful.


The ball can be used by women with or without an epidural to great effect so no matter if you are passionate about community midwifery and home births, work on a birthing centre or on the main labour ward this is a tool you can use with the women you care for to help their experience in labour.

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By booking your ticket you can either join us live or watch the recording. The recording remains the property of PBB events and should not be shared.

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Thursday 19th August 2021

Online via zoom

For some applying to a midwifery course is the logical next step in their journey, for others it is a big step and has taken blood, sweat and tears to make it.  Which ever you are join us on 19th August to talk to others who are also getting ready to embark on their student midwifery journey 

Meet current student midwives and hear from them the realities of completing a midwifery course, what is working in practice like, how do they balance it with childcare and financial worries, how hard are the assignments and what kind of topics so you cover, tips on getting the most out of it and where to go for support and further learning, ask them the questions that matter to you to help you prepare for what will be a hard, but rewarding three years on your path to becoming a qualified midwife.

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