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PBB events encourage health and wellbeing in as many ways as possible, to as many people as
possible so everyone attending our events will leave feeling empowered.
The majority of our events are currently online for everyone's safety


Hi! We are Debbie & Emma.

We are a mother & daughter team both qualified Midwives, antenatal educators and mentors. We know that preparing for your baby's birth, whichever way that might be, the advice, tips and discussions we give you on our courses will make a huge difference to your experience. 

Being practicing Midwives who have been involved in all kinds of labours and births including home births, water labour and births, assisted births and caesarean sections enabling us to share research with you and our years of experience to help you prepare for the journey ahead. With a mixture of free and paid events, including pregnancy club, antenatal courses, postnatal groups and more, there is something for everyone. Most of our courses take place online via zoom so take a look and if you have any questions please get in touch. 

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Antenatal Courses

Our antenatal courses not only equip you with the confidence to trust your body and baby to birth but we talk about other possible scenarios to prepare you for every eventuality. In our relaxed, friendly classes we prepare you with realistic and practical advice and tips to emotionally and physically prepare for birth and the postnatal period.

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Walking & Talking

Pregnancy Club

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Online Support Groups

4 week Postnatal Group

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Professional Study Days

Sign up for our postnatal four week group anytime from birth until 3 months old to meet and interact with other mums for support and a chat. Meet other experts to learn about parenting, talk about your birth story, how to recover from birth and more.. 

If you are on Facebook join our support group for expectant and new parents where we will share our years of experience in posts and you are welcome to ask questions to other parents who are going through pregnancy and being a new parent just like you.

Our face to face meetings in West Herts give mums an opportunity to meet other local mums in person, get some fresh air, gentle exercise and increase their feel good hormones in pregnancy and in the first 3 months with a newborn.

Our women only, free, monthly, pregnancy club gives expectant mums an opportunity to interact with other expectant mothers as well as gaining advice from our expert speakers. Join us for free from 12 weeks of pregnancy up to 42 weeks. 

If you are someone who works with expectant families, or families with newborns and you want to keep up to date with the latest research and information to ensure you can make everyone's experience a positive and safe one then our study days are for you.

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